Spoken Word

In Distance Companionship

It’s like a whisper, then a reminder
Sometimes a loud bang in mine ear
It talks it shouts it says
Remember your dearest one,
That one loyal at heart, that one friend

The one whose soul resonates with mine
Beat for beat, a duet, a tango!
Listen to the sound of the memory
The symposium of mind and heart,
The effigy of true friendship
A portrait of a genuine connection

Running through the seams of my soul
Like thread and cloth put together
Bound for a life time sewn together
Stitch by stitch fibers of trust,
Laughter, happiness, loyalty, comfort
…listen to their whispers stitch by stitch
Captured stored in the depths of our hearts
Retrieved in moments of nostalgia,
Longing, loneliness Yes loneliness

As true friend be, remember to stay at side
Through good and bad despite the pain
And solace we find in companionship indeed
For though distant be the two the hearts remain close
Let not, therefore, longing loneliness deprive of joy,
But remember yesterdays joys and know they will be again!

I place hand on breast a pledge a pledge
A promise I make despite my disposition
That time and age and life and legacy
Will be but ours as friend and aid
To consol these hearts

Assurance being fortified that era will dawn
And reunion incarnate

So i will set mine eyes upon the horizon,
With every shadow that comes
Mine eyes will grow bigger with longing
Maybe this shadow will evolve into the touchable
And once again friendship will no longer be a memory
But an experience of now and forever

Tend to the years for a while I must.
Hold fast to hope and in time desire will be fulfilled
Keep vigilance over the highway
Lest I pass and see me you not!
Not long but not soon a presence will be made

As your discourse its way makes
As the river that meanders,
Cutting a clift here,
Forming a bank there,
Oh what memories it does wake

Of days ancient when friendship’s face
Mine existence with laughter laced
Till a hand of fate stilled,
One who was at music skilled
Who audiences thrilled
As oft he played,
Whose embrace in your text revealed,
And like ointment your verse healed,
This bosom that in loneliness was congealed


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