Just A Citizen

Being a member of this political community, Zimbabwe, comes with a lot of issues one has to consider including rights and responsibilities. At face value it is straightforward, uncomplicated and not interesting. However the experiences of being just another citizen in this political space has been winding, complicated and a curious experience. If it is not the cultural ideals which are causing some level of confusion then it is the moral meaning of being Zimbabwean, the normative principles and values attached to this membership as well expectations all of which are shaped by the social and historical context of this country.

This section chronicles observations of an ordinary citizen on the experience of being a Zimbabwean. Day to day involvement in social, economic, cultural and political life is significant and helps answer questions on rights, responsibilities, values and principles. It helps shape the degree to which individuals feel they belong to a society and are willing to contribute to its development. It helps gauge the commitment of leadership to its people and the realisation of their dignity at a civil-political and socio-economic level.

This often feels complicated but it is the ordinary experiences and observations that citizens make that bring about simple questions which point out to structural complications. More often than not citizens make ordinary observations that carry simple solutions, if only it were that simple!

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